Monday, 10 January 2011

Sniper Scouts

As promised 5 minutes ago here are some shots of my Astral Claws scouts with sniper rifles. Apologies for the photo quality.

I've used these scouts in several games now including the tournament in November. They're great for holding objectives in cover as the camo cloaks give them an extra +1 to cover saves and combined with going to ground can effectively give them a 2+ invul save.... until the enemy gets in range, flamers will wipe them out easily as will being assaulted but for 90 points they've tied up many an enemy unit for a long time and have even dropped a few wounds on Mephiston for fun. The only thing I have to keep reminding myself is they're scouts so, while sniper rifles can be very effective weapons, they only have BS 3 - my solution will be to add 4 more scouts and Telion at some point in the future.


  1. I remember these guys, pesky little buggers! Good job on them tho.

  2. Nice work :) I like the fact that their hair isn't all the same colour. Like the Claws have been recruiting from all over their mini-Empire.