Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finally Forge World!

Just a brief post. The Tyrant’s Legion have played their first game but more on that later.

On Sunday I was at the Forge World open day at Warhammer World where I got some brilliant news. They have finally made Astral Claws shoulder pads (both power armour and terminator pads) and Land Raider/Rhino doors. There’s also a transfer sheet coming which is great as my attempts at home made transfers was not very successful.

I was told they’ll be out in about a month and that brass is likely to follow on from the transfers so it’s happy days to come for AC players.

The shoulder pads look great (for the terminators think Huron’s pads) but my camera is too crappy to get good pics. I’m sure some have leaked onto the interwebs somewhere, go check them out.

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