Sunday, 21 March 2010

My first attempts with greenstuff.

I bought some greenstuff months ago and have been far too nervous to actually try doing anything with it. I spent today constructing my Hive Tyrant and decided that such an imposing mini deserved a decent base so I tried to make a marine casualty using some bits and greenstuff.

It's not brilliant but I was happy enough to include it on the base. Once it's painted up it should look great.

The stuff is easy to work with, like stiff blutack, and it takes plenty of time to harden properly so if you're a bit clumsy or indecisive you have time to get it how you want it.


  1. Grosso!

    I like it. :) Will the model itself have any strewn bits of marine on it. When I see it, I can't help but ask myself where his legs went to...

  2. I like the dead marine on the base. I bet the legs were lunch. If I were that tyrant, I would have eaten the power fist first. Looks like he could still grab some tyrant tenders.