Friday, 25 February 2011

A Blog Reborn!

After a busy few months at work and socially the blog has died again and my Astral Claws still need a lot of work. Last week was my birthday and I decided it was time that my Tyrant’s Legion list from Imperial Armour 9 started to take shape. To that end I have drawn up a 1750 point list which I’ll post below. The list is very fluffy, mainly models I fancy building and painting but I’m hoping to get it built and play tested in the next few months. After that I’ll start tweaking it to make it more effective.

HQ – Lugft Huron, 235pts
HQ – Legion Centurion, storm bolter, bolt pistol, 60pts

Elites – Terminator Assault Squad, thunder hammer and storm shield, Land Raider Redeemer with multimelta, 450pts

Troops – Legion Auxilia, 39 auxilia, 1 x flamer, 1 x grenade launcher, 2 x heavy stubber, 1 prefect with bolt pistol, 165pts
Troops – Legion Space Marine Cohort, 9 marines, 1 x flamer, 1 x multimelta, 1 veteran sergeant w bolt pistol + power fist, Rhino, 225pts
Troops – Legion Space Marine Cohort, 9 marines, 1 x flamer, 1 x multimelta, 1 veteran sergeant w bolt pistol + power fist, Rhino, 225pts
Troops – Auxilia Armsmen Cadre, 10 armsmen, 1 master at arms w close combat weapon, bolt pistol, melta bombs, Chimera with hull mounted heavy flamer, 145pts

Heavy – Vindicator w siege shield, 125pts
Heavy – Predator w lascannon sponsons, 120pts

As a birthday treat to myself I ordered a lot of plastic. I now have everything I need to complete the 1750 list except the Chimera which I’m hoping to pick up next week after I get paid. I’m using the Wargames Factory Shock Troops as Legion Auxilia (the IG forces under Huron’s control) as the models look great and are just different enough from standard IG minis to give the TL list a secessionist flavour. The models are currently quite hard to get hold of as WF has recently been bought by a Chinese company but I found 3 boxes on Upanatem Games ( Delivery was quick and now I have more than enough Auxilia to make several different lists (I already have one box won as a raffle prize at the UK Freebootaz tournament in November).

My plan for the blog is to detail my Tyrant’s Legion as it grows. I am going to try and update at least once a week and include pics wherever I can. This weekend’s plan is to start the build phase, I currently have the predator sprues in detergent solution and the Auxilia sprues are already washed and dried. I have 5 individual marines to build: 2 veteran sergeants, 1 flamer marine, 1 meltagun marine and my Legion Centurion. I spent an evening kit bashing the other day and have all the bits I need for these 5, just need to get filing and gluing which I’m hoping to do tomorrow.

Some units, like the assault terminators, are already built and I’ll post pics as soon as I get some paint on them. I have a busy week next week, including 2 meetings with UK Freebootaz (one for beer and one for games.... and beer) and Black Library Live so I suspect little will get done, as such I’m focusing on getting a great start this weekend.

Watch this space!!!

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