Sunday, 6 March 2011

An Epic Battle

I was at Black Library Live this weekend with some of the UK Bootaz. The BLL event was great (though I bought far too many books).

This morning we snagged ourselves the beautiful new 6'x12' swamp board with Tau ruins and decided to play a large game. We ended up with a 4v5 game with 5000 points per side which is by far my biggest game. It was also the most fun game I've ever played.

1000 points of my Astral Claws held the right flank for the entire game against just over 2000 points of Salamanders, Sisters of Battle and a few Guard. I was finally wiped out in turn 7 but my job as a speed bump was performed well and my team won on kill points 27 to 17, thanks to some great play by my 3 team mates.

Here's a pic of my dreadnought just after bursting out of the woods and blowing up a Sister's Rhino in close combat:

I've also purchased my Chimera (and IA 10) so I have everything I need for my 1750pt Tyrant's Legion list. More updates to come.

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