Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It arrived! The joy of getting things by post

This blog is going to be focussed on my efforts to collect, build and paint 40k armies but it will encompass all aspects of my 40k addiction. I will be getting some pics of my early attempts at painting Space Wolves up this weekend but I have to interrupt the mini madness before it begins as Amazon just delivered me a shiny copy of the Dark Heresy core rules!

I've not played a 'pencil and paper' RPG in over a decade and technically I'm not about to start again - a few of the 40K Freebootaz, myself included have decided to give DH a shot and we're going to try to play by forum. I'm sure you'll read about our exploits through this conduit of all things irrelevant as we find our way but for now suffice it to say I'm excited. The main reason I play 40k over other miniature wargames is the setting and the fluff.... DH will feed my fluffy love very well (that's fluffy love not furry love - the distinction is important!).

I've played a wide range of roleplaying systems in my youth but I was almost always the GM/DM so I'm really looking forward to being a player and throwing myself into the purging of the galaxies unclean.

More to follow (I have a lot of reading to do!).....


  1. You'll love it. I know I sure did! The DH supplements really expanded my knowledge of the 40k universe.

  2. The posty does bring wonderful stuff at times, just avoid those brown envelopes!