Friday, 26 February 2010

The weekend is here.... and I have plans.

This weekend I have the house to myself for the first time in several weeks and I'm planning on testing some 'nid paint schemes. Given some of the examples of personalised Hive Fleets in all corners of the warp at the moment I've been inspired to see if I can come up with a novel scheme I'm happy with which doesn't take me hours per model (I'm very slow by most standards and when it comes to painting a swarm of gaunts I don't want to have to spend 18 months to finish a small army!).

I've just been shopping and now have a box of 12 Termagants. The plan is to assemble some this evening, undercoat tomorrow am and start testing paint schemes tomorrow afternoon/evening. I have a plan for a couple of approaches, borrowing heavily from other peoples beautiful schemes and throwing in a few ideas of my own but I'll not let you in on it yet just in case it looks terrible.

I'm hoping to post some pics of the various attempts at some point on Sunday. If I can find a scheme I'm happy with that doesn't take 6 hours per model I will be investing as heavily as I dare into a new ‘nid army over the next few months. Here's hoping I come up with something acceptable! :)

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